Mount Blanc Transit Vouchers

With the Frejus Card, road haulage companies or truck drivers can book the transit vouchers required to cross the tunnel. Toll costs are generally determined by the direction of travel, the vehicle, the tunnel being used and the type of journey (outward or return).

It is always important to remember that: transit vouchers must be shown together with the registration number of the vehicle; each voucher can be used for a single journey; vouchers cannot be used by those who already have a subscription; Euro 1 and 2 class vehicles cannot pass through the Frejus tunnel and the Mont Blanc tunnel.

The following are subject to a traffic ban in the Mont Blanc Tunnel:

• vehicles that cannot reach or maintain a speed of 50 km/h;

• vehicles carrying hazardous goods as defined in the European Agreement concerning the international carriage of hazardous goods by road (ADR);

• vehicles used for carrying more than 3.5 tonnes of PMA class EURO O, 1 and 2;

• vehicles carrying more fuel than that contained in their tanks;

• vehicles over 4.70 m high;

• bicycles, mopeds and cars that do not require a driving licence.

Moreover, since 2002, safety regulations call for refrigerated lorries travelling through the Mont Blanc tunnel to be accompanied by an escort.

Before entering the tunnel, heavy goods vehicles must report their presence at the control areas of Passy Le Fayet (France) or Aosta (Italy). At that point, the hauliers are issued with a mark certifying their compliance with the transit conditions.